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Out Of The Pixeldust – ALBUM NOW AVAILABLE

Out Of The Pixeldust – we are proud to present you the debut album of IVOTION.

And we’re almost bursting from joy and excitement! After four years of work, it finally is time to share the finished album with the world – meaning you! We may already have shed a few tears of joy these past couple of days, but now it is official: Out Of The Pixeldust is now available for download (e.g. on iTunes)! We hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed making it!

Of course there are good reasons for the four years it took us to create Out Of The Pixeldust. It is an album that has grown. It’s origin lies in a jam session, during which the three of us had no idea that we’d keep making music as a band like this, much less record an album together. But the energy was just right from the very beginning. And so there soon were more meetings and even gigs, during which we developed the vision for IVOTION – a unique sound that merges acoustic and digital music elements in a completely new way. Including the development of a completely new instrument that embodies the sound and style of IVOTION – the Nyx.

Where you have a steadily growing number of gigs, you also need more material to play. That is why the first songs weren’t written in order to publish an album. But the approach has always been the same. As IVOTION we’re first and foremost artists. Commercial thoughts didn’t play a role in creating the album. Instead, it was all about the love for our music. Which is why we created all that IVOTION is at our own expenses: That means: In our own free time, as sparse as it often was. With our own ideas and our own resources. And sometimes even at the expense of our families, when we once again met on a weekend to jam, rehearse or write songs.

It wasn’t always easy. In four years as a band, and with that four years of working on the album, we needed a lot of energy. You simply don’t come up with a new musical concept like IVOTION just like that. Especially if you are not willing to make artistic compromises. We had to find our way, come up with ideas, throw some of them away again and further develop others, and sometimes fight with each other in the name of creativity. In doing so, we long stopped counting the times Tom and Ariane were in the car from Munich to Salzburg to Thomas, or the other way round when Thomas drove from Salzburg to Munich, in order to spend yet another weekend writing another page in the history of IVOTION. We’re very lucky to have two recording studios we could always use to work in whenever we found the time for it. And we are just as lucky and happy to have the support of our families and friends, who supported IVOTION from the very start. This is the only way that we could achieve what we were aiming for. Out Of The Pixeldust is an artistic statement behind which all three band members stand 100%.

Now the album is done. You can find it for download on 15 different platforms – iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Spotify, Musicload, etc – and what you’ll hear is the unique sound of IVOTION. On almost every one of the 14 tracks, you can hear the distinctive sound of the Tenori.on. It is joined by the Nyx, the acoustic guitars (baritone, 12 string, etc), cello, Ariane’s voice and more. Ariane even accompanied herself vocally on the album, by creating the choir parts herself, with up to 80 vocal tracks. But both Thomas and Tom left their vocal mark on some tracks as well. And with the song I Wanna Cry we even fulfilled a special wish for ourselves by having the song recorded live by a complete orchestra.

Exactly because so much work and passion, such a grand vision and so much love for details went into Out Of The Pixeldust, we are happier than we could ever express in words to finally share the album with the world. We are really looking forward to your feedback and reactions on Facebook!

And since we’ve been itching to share the album for so long, we have a special surprise for you. The first 20 people, who post a screenshot on our Facebook wall that shows us that they have already downloaded the album will get a physical copy of Out Of The Pixeldust – of course signed by all three members of IVOTION – as a very special ‘thank you’. After all, the physical edition of the album is not yet on sale. Naturally, we’ll keep you posted when that happens, too.

All the best,

Special Thanks to:

Markos Kern, Peter Bodingbauer, Paul Huber, Justa Robert Schuster, Ivonne Beck, Robert Honeck, Dagmar Düh, Uwe Wombacher, Thomas Aberle & Tanja Aberle & Claudia Linder of Albus Media, Johannes Hepp, Deva.

All songs written by Ariane Roth, Thomas Foster and Tom Huber.

Photography: Katerina Kepka
Cover Art: Thilo Streit
Mastering: Christoph Stickel (MSM)


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