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I Wanna Cry – Orchestra Version

As you know, our debut album will be released soon. However, It’s “almost done“ status means exactly that – the album is almost done. Which means that there is still time for changes. And those can be quite significant.

The ideas for changes can even come up when a band sits down for what is supposed to be the final listening session. When we did that, all three members of IVOTION were more than happy with the supposed final status. And without Ariane’s experience with classical music we might not have started the conversation that eventually led to one last change. For a long time, we had plans to perform the music of IVOTION live with a classical orchestra. During the listening session, we decided that we didn’t want to wait and have at least one track represent that idea – recorded by an orchestra, rather than with samples from the computer. Sure, it would have been much more practicable to leave the version of I Wanna Cry as it was. But since the music of IVOTION has nothing to do with “being practicable” and has everything to be with emotionality, we just had to realise the idea.
Due to Thomas’ work, we quickly had the right partner for it, too: the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, a movie and music orchestra from Skopje, which has recorded, among others, for Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and HBO.

The orchestra being located in Macedonia wasn’t a problem either. On the contrary, the recording process was a perfect fit for our love of technology and unusual projects. Because instead of joining the orchestra in their studio in Skopje, as is usually the case, we took advantage of the orchestra’s special Shared Session System.The three IVOTION members were sitting in two different studios in two different cities and actually two different countries – Tom and Ariane in Tom’s Studio in Munich, Thomas in his Studio in Salzburg – and watched the 130 musicians strong orchestra, under the direction of Oleg Kondratenko, record our music in Skopje. Of course the sound itself wasn’t delivered via the webcam, but came crystal clear through a dedicated channel to the respective studio loudspeakers in Germany and Austria. Despite the distance of more than 1000 kilometers, it sounded and felt like we were sitting right next to the musicians in their Studio M1. And that is how Ariane could re-record her vocal part in Tom’s Studio right as the F.A.M.E.’S Orchestra was playing, without us having to go to Skopje together or have the entire orchestra come to Munich.

So, once again it was modern technology that allowed us to have a very special experience. Because no matter how well we know I Wanna Cry, no matter how many times we have rehearsed and played the song – as we were listening to an entire orchestra playing it live, all three of us had goosebumps. And that’s when we knew that the additional effort was well worth it. After all, this is what it’s all about: make the best possible music, go unusual ways, and create goosebumps among the audience.

We hope you’ll be sharing this feeling and we’re looking forward to your comments – here on the website, on Facebook and also on Twitter.

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