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KIKA.LIVE presents the brand new IVOTION album Out Of The Pixeldust on July 13th at 8 p.m.

When artists publish a project, they need help in getting the word out – whether it’s word to mouth among friends, sharing the link on Facebook, Twitter, etc, print and online media writing about the project, radio or TV stations. With our release of Out Of The Pixeldust, that is a particular hot topic for us at the moment.

And of course those who get involved early on are even more special. As was the case with filming a feature for KIKA.LIVE (on air on July 13th). The KIKA team and host Ben were the first to get on touch with us in order to talk about Out Of The Pixeldust. Filming became even more special for us since we sort of came full circle: the filming location – the Wiede-Fabrik in Munich, where a number of painters and other artists work – has also been the location for the first IVOTION video (for the song Cherrypie), as well as for our first open air gig at midnight under a beautiful summer night sky three years ago, which we still love thinking back to.

Accordingly, the atmosphere was very relaxed. From the start, we knew we were among likeminded people. The painter Milan Mihajlovic was kind enough to let us into his studio, where we could use his fantastic artworks as the backdrop for filming the feature. Host Ben – also known as a singer, e.g. with the hit single Engel – showed us his favourite music app on his phone. And those who know us won’t be surprised that Thomas has a number of music apps on his phone as well. So he called up a digital drums app and started accompanying Ben. With his acoustic guitar at the ready, Tom joined in, and Ariane completed the spontaneous jam session with her improvised vocals. The very essence of IVOTION couldn’t possibly have been captured in a better way. And during it all, we didn’t even know that the camera was already running. With his interview questions, Ben then explained the music of IVOTION to the young audience of KIKA.LIVE.

In the interview, we didn’t just talk about the band and the new album. Thomas also showed how the Nyx works, which led to a real premiere. Together with Ben, Thomas played the Nyx with four hands for the first time ever, which was just as much fun as the little IVOTION + Ben Jam at the beginning. What didn’t work quite as well was when we tried to show off the cyber glove. On that day, the instrument didn’t quite work as it usually does on stage. But that is part of being a live band. Just like the unplanned jam session, this little mishap only helped to show that IVOTION makes true and honest live music.

We want to thank Ben and the KIKA team for an amazing afternoon and for the opportunity to introduce our music to the KIKA audience.

So, tune in to KIKA.LIVE on July 13th, at 8p.m. – it’s not just for the little ones ; )

All the best,

ps: You can find a few impressions in this gallery.


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