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MMOVE meets IVOTION – Video Part 2

From the freezing temperatures on the glacier to the blistering heat in a quarry. In a different way, the second video shoot of IVOTION and Mar-K.os was yet another extreme experience for us as a band. The result is similar: impressive live music meets breathtaking visuals.

For IVOTION, the day started without Mar-K.os and without our featured musicians – but with a lot of sweat. We used the unusual location for a photo shoot with Johannes Hepp. Under the burning sun, at 35 degrees Celsius, and far away from any cooling shadows. And the futuristic stage outfits that had been finished by Dagmar Düh just the night before were anything but breezy. So we had to smile and sweat for the photos. That alone would have been enough for one day, but of course we had more plans. Which is why sweating in front of the camera was then substituted by sweating while setting up the video shoot. More than once even. Because shortly after he arrived at the location, Mar-K.os got on his quad, despite his freshly broken foot (the operation was scheduled for the next morning – but he insisted on going forward with our art project) and scouted the surrounding area. The result: He found a place that was suited even better for his projections and the video shoot. And so we quickly started taking down the sound equipment and cameras, transported to the new place, and set up again. It all had to go very quickly, because we wanted to use the ideal light situation for the projected visuals. The last minute change only was possible thanks to everyone’s help, especially Christof Kosel and Paul Huber, who had travelled with us and were helping in their spare time.

But then came the moment that had everyone’s nerves on edge. We got word that the part of the quarry, where we had just set up all of the equipment again, did not belong to the people who had granted us the initial permission to film. Did that mean we had to break down the equipment again? Move back? Set everything up once more? That would hardly have been possible – not if we wanted to catch the perfect light. The spontaneous decision for a different spot suddenly was putting the entire shoot at risk. We were having flashbacks to the equally spontaneous glacier shoot, where we suddenly faced a close barrier as we were on our way to the location. But, just like back then, we were lucky on that day as well. Our contact knew the owner of the quarry we had set up in the second time. After a call and a detailed description of our plans we got the okay for the video shoot. Now nothing was in the way of our live performance of the song Mrs. Perfect – which you can also hear on our new album Out Of The Pixeldust – together with the two members of the drumming sensation Power Percussion, as well as the fascinating visual effects by Mar-K.os. The LED and water drums from Power Percussion really rounded of the unusual picture of IVOTION in the middle of the quarry, surrounded by the extraordinary light projections.

The entire scene was captured perfectly by Dieter Wachs (Pixelcompany) and Peter Bodingbauer (bodis.TV), with Peter returning again after already working with us for the glacier video. Just like Katerina Huber was once again capturing the behind-the-scenes photos with her camera. And for the right sound we got the support from our soundman Robert „Justa“ Schuster, who is also the sound engineer for the Philharmonie in Munich. Because, just like back on the glacier, the performance you hear in the video is indeed a pure live performance, which we were able to record at such a high quality thanks to Justa. After hi-tech int he snow, it now was hi-tech in an environment that looks like the surface of the moon. We think, it is a worthy follow-up to the glacier video. And we hope, you will like it just as much. It certainly won’t be the last art performance we’ll be tackling.

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