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Video shoot for the new single LONELY

Off the plane. Into the makeup chair. And the video shoot can begin. That is how the shoot for our new single, LONELY, looked like for our singer Ariane. Of course that only works if you have the right kind of people in your team.

The entire video shoot was only possible thanks to Das Inselradio (inselradio.com), who invited us to the island, gave us rooms at the Hotel Meliá de Mar, and helped us organise not one but two amazing locations for the shoot. But it wasn’t just the great support from our friends at our favourite radio station on Majorca that helped us create a great new video. The entire team was once again on point. That started with Dagmar Düh, who tailored one of Ariane’s outfits very last minute (literally over night), yet with a very stylish result (the other dress used during the shoot came from German fashion designer Hannes Roether). In addition, we had support from photographer Katerina Kepka – who snapped all the pics you can check out in the gallery – and the videographer we love and trust, Lee Esposito (rabbitfire.de). We had worked with both of them in the past, so it wasn’t even a question that we’d want them on board for the video shoot for Lonely as well. A new addition to team, however, was visual artist Alberto Calahorro from Barcelona (palnoise.org), who had agreed to work with us on a whim, instantly proving that he has the IVOTION spirit – something you need for a shoot like this.

After Thomas and Tom scouted the locations on day 1 and prepared everything – together with the Daniel Vulic, the boss at Das Inselradion, and the remaining crew members – the video shoot on Majorca could begin on day 2, when Ariane joined the others. The first location could hardly have been more beautiful: Pueblo Español – a stunning architectural museum, where we would have never received permission to shoot, had it not been for Daniel Vulic. The special charm of the buildings created a wonderful backdrop for the first part of the shoot. When we had made the most of it after several hours of shooting, it was back to the Meliá de Mar. And when you are on the way from one location to the next and you hear the very song on the radio for which you are there shooting a video, even a taxi drive becomes very special. Which station was playing Lonely? Das Inselradio, of course.

After a brief pause during dinner under Majorca’s summer sky with the entire team, we were ready to tackle round 2. The second location for the shoot was the beach of the Meliá de Mar itself. Here, the visuals by Alberto Calahorro added a very special touch to the look and feel of the video. And so the shooting continued until 2 in the morning. Sounds exhausting? Well, it was, but with a team like the one supporting us that’s quite alright. If you are working with people who show the right type of spirit, even the longest day of shooting doesn’t feel like work. Which is why we want to thank the entire team, the Meliá de Mar, and of course Daniel Vulic and everyone at Das Inselradio for their help.

The result? You will be able to see it here shortly. For now, you can check out a gallery with impressions from the shoot, with pictures created by Katerina Kepka (katerina-kepka.com).



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