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Time flies. Our appearance on NRW Live is already a few weeks back now, but we still owe you a report. So here it is. In detail. And with videos! We are talking about the special episode of NRW Live on 16 November, where IVOTION was the featured guest. The live show of NRW TV in Düsseldorf was all about “music 3.0” – made by IVOTION.

In an in-depth interview with the show’s host, Alexander Bunkowitz, we talked about the band’s history and explained what makes IVOTION so different and special. Among other things, we talked about our extraordinary glacier video and about our musical unique selling point, the Nyx. After all, Thomas Foster’s invention was already around when iPads and their touchscreens weren’t in (almost) everyone’s hands. And even today, the multitouchscreen instrument remains unique. Only IVOTION has the Nyx, which is why Alexander Bunkowitz dedicated an entire segment of the show to it. Since you are reading this in English and the interview was in German, it wouldn’t make much sense to post the video here. So we’ll skip right to the part you can enjoy.

No live show with IVOTION as a guest would be complete if we didn’t perform. We really enjoyed the fact that we got to perform not one but two songs. Just like we loved the commitment of the NRW Live team, who mixed an amazing live sound, both in the studio and for the viewers at home. Much respect! As musicians, we know that this isn’t always the case. That’s why the great people at NRW TV – in front of the camera and behind the scenes – have earned our special thanks. Talking about music is one thing. Being able to present it to the audience in such a brilliant quality is still something different. And this is how it sounded: First up, Lonely, our current single …

… followed by a special version of our song I wanna cry. This performance was also instrumental (no pun intended) in offering I wanna cry – in the album version from Out Of The Pixeldust – as a free download a few days later. The entire time, the team of NRW TV didn’t just prove to be very nice and relaxed hosts. They supported us in a big way, to push the free download, airing the episode a second time on 23 November and making the videos you’re seeing here available. Including the live version of I wanna cry, of course:

So, once more with feeling: A big thank you to Alexander Bunkowitz and the entire NRW Live team, both for a great show and for their support.



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