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IVOTION In The Studio

We’re starting to feel it. We’re getting closer and closer to having our album finished, so it can’t be much longer now. But there are still a few things to do. We’re still working on a few tracks. Change a little something here. Add a new idea there. Record new vocals or a new musical variation. Simply polishing the material, so that everything on the finished album will be the best it can be.

To do that, Tom and Ariane once again got into a car full of acoustic guitars and Ariane’s lyrics – both on the iPad and on paper – and drove from Munich to Salzburg, to meet up with Thomas and lock themselves up in the Foster-Kent studios. It’s the location that has served as a workspace and as inspiration for the band throughout the entire album production. It’s more than just a soundboard, a few computers, headphones, microphones and miles of cables. It has become our second home. Not just because it is Thomas’ studio, but also because it where we laid the groundwork for the whole IVOTION project. Which isn’t surprising. After all, the studio is where everything comes together that defines IVOTION. Thomas doing his magic with Nyx, Tenori and at the computer. Ariane’s incomparable voice. Tom’s virtuous guitar play – once he decides which of his many treasures he’ll use for a specific track. Of course all of this has to work on stage as well, but the studio is where the pieces first come together and create something new and unique. Also, there is no other place where IVOTION has spent more time than in the studio. That’s why the feel-good factor is so important. Luckily there is plenty of it – inside and outside of the studio. Because in the long breaks we take – the three of us or joined by our families – to recharge our batteries and talk about the next steps, we love to spend in the charming historic centre of Salzburg.

In the latest studio session, Ariane’s cello was allowed to stay at home. Her golden voice, however, really came into play once again. Every change in the lyrics we came up with – and that we could agree on – had to be recorded of course. And when three musical perfectionists come together, it can take a while until everyone is 100% happy with the results. But the time it takes is absolutely worth it. And the boys weren’t allowed to just rest either. Both had to work the strings and keys of their respective instruments hard, to improve the already great tracks even more. We especially spent time on the songs Time and Miss Perfect of the upcoming album and we simply loved working on the details. The good thing is that by now we are so much in tune with each other that even long hours of hard work in the studio never stop to be fun. And IVOTION studio sessions tend to be very long. In the end, we know we got a good deal closer to the finished product, though. Which is what it’s all about. Despite our love for the details, the album has to be done at some point. So here is our promise: We won’t be in the studio much anymore until our debut album is ready.

You can find more impressions from our time in the studio in this gallery.

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